Math Tricks One Way of Making Learning Fun

Keep The Math Monsters At Bay From The Beginning! To encourage a healthy attitude towards math is the overall objective here, right? It’s all about making learning fun! And I say this in the most general, offhand way because it seems rather obvious that the best defense against math becoming a frustrating, tearful experience for […]

Stage Set for A Revolution In Learning

Making Learning Fun: The Logical Direction of Things As we continue to march on into the not-so-new millennium, with the information age in full-swing and Y2K just a distant memory, transformation and revolutionization seem to be the what the world’s all abuzz about. Political upheaval, system overhaul, total disruption of the status quo are all […]

Next-Gen Cool Math 4 Kids – Games

Cutting Edge Kids Man, how lucky are the youth of today? The latest generations of kids are so geared toward information assimilation that perhaps when they struggle the first place we should look to place blame is old methodology. Seriously. If they’re learning cool math, for kids to be taking notes and practicing problems the […]

Math Blaster® Offers Jumpstart for All Ages K-12

Years of maturation leaves Math Blaster® in a good position to help kids of all ages hone their math edge while having a great time online. From counting and simple operations up through algebraic concepts, The Math Blaster® brand brings hundreds of lessons and thousands of problems to the table and delivers them through a […]