*While this post doesn’t directly concern a particular math game or games, it is a brief review of a system designed to take the pain out of learning and enable all types of learners to achieve a high level of success with a minimal amount of effort. Since this is in line with the general motivation underlying the use of learning games, we figured the information was appropriate and relevant.

Work Smarter, Not Harder! Have Time for Living!

For the high school student who may be struggling, Get The Best Grades With the Least Amount of Effort is a brilliant collection of the most effective learning techniques aimed at helping teens and young adults become POWER-LEARNERS. By using the methods revealed here, anybody can supercharge their learning efficiency and master just about any skill faster than the mainstream public while still having fun.

This product is for those who have struggled their whole lives to get decent grades, who may have never been classified as “gifted,” who have been frustrated to the point of not caring anymore – or work late into the night too often at the expense of having a social life. The message in this book is “work smarter, not harder.” Any student can achieve better grades, smile through an essay test, rip through any fill-in-the-bubble exam effortlessly… “Smart” students will learn to maximize their time as well, letting go of poor study habits and learning to digest and absorb huge chunks of information without breaking a sweat.

Get The Best Grades With Least Amount of Effort

Help your adolescent become a super achiever!

This is a five-step system which teaches students to maximize the effectiveness of their study time, leaving them free to spend time going out with their friends, practicing for the big game, being present at family functions and doing other things they find fulfilling. In other words, allowing them to excel in school and have a life too.

Not Just for Academia

According to Dr. Dussault, the techniques described in the book can be applied not just to scholarly endeavors but also to any area of achievement one can imagine. He cites his personal usage of the very same skill-set to become a successful competitive squash player within the first five years after initially taking up the sport in his mid 30s.

Some of the skills this book will teach you include:

  • How to launch your (their) grades to the highest level and be proud, without working any longer or harder
  • A little-known secret which enables anyone to become a POWER-LEARNER
  • How to quit wasting time with bad study habits
  • How to breeze through homework and study for exams in record time so there is plenty of time left over for FUN
  • How to utilize knowledge of “peak performance periods” to maximize learning efficiency
  • How to do well at sports, life AND school without losing a good night’s sleep
  • How to remember and recall important details with a snap of the fingers
  • Develop razor-sharp analytic and diagnostic skills which will help with landing a great job down the road
  • How to ACE every exam
  • Improve concentration and focus, boost your marks and relieve anxiety


Become An Exceptional Student!

The take-away from all this is that in order to lead an exceptional life, be super-successful, earn an above-average living, one has to become an above average learner. A POWER-LEARNER. That’s what Get The Best Grades With the Least Amount of Effort teaches.

Right now as an added bonus Dr. Dussault is offering a full-color “mind-map” of each chapter of his book to aid the visual learners among us. That’s ten full-color “mind-maps” in all.

The risk? No risk here, as this system comes with a full 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. No crazy hoops to jump through, just send one email to get a full refund on the book.
Seem like there is a lot to gain and not much to lose? Get the system here.

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