Keep The Math Monsters At Bay From The Beginning!

To encourage a healthy attitude towards math is the overall objective here, right? It’s all about making learning fun! And I say this in the most general, offhand way because it seems rather obvious that the best defense against math becoming a frustrating, tearful experience for a child in the first place is to promote a positive attitude toward the subject from a very early age. Of course that may be easier said than done, especially for parents who may have their own hang-ups about the subject which date back to their own childhood. So how can parents transcend their own fearful attitude and help nurture excitement about the subject within their own kids?

Mathematical Magic Tricks for Kids

Obviously games are capable of providing a more enjoyable learning experience – and as cognitive science continues its current path of discovery, learning games will be increasingly effective and able to deliver their benefits with increased precision. Another way to encourage confidence is to make your kid a wizard! Mathematical magic tricks for kids are a great way to make a child the star of the show, and their are a lot of YouTube videos out there that will teach kids how to perform them. Let’s have a look at one which touts its ability to have us impressing our friends and confusing our math teachers:

Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, this one seems to require a bit of mental subtraction – but if we set the stage at a young age for a good math attitude then our little wizard should be ok with that, right? In fact there are ways of teaching mathemagician abilities:

In the second video Arthur Benjamin’s excitement is infectious, no? This is the kind of attitude which we’d like to help foster in our young ones from the get-go. And the internet is full of little videos which can help!



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